Mazda RX7


‘Timewarp condition’ can be an often-misused description of a classic car…but not in this case.

This 1979 Series 1 Mazda RX7 is in remarkable original condition and we believe it to be one of the finest examples anywhere in the world.

The meticulous history file tells us that the car was supplied to its first owner in New York in 1979, and charts in wonderful detail the mere 42k kilometres it has covered since then.

The immaculate optional Sonic Bronze metallic paint is completely original, with the exception of the front right wing, while the superbly retro tartan interior and the factory protected underside are absolutely spotless and show no signs of age.

Upon being imported to Europe by its second owner in 2016, a 5 speed gearbox was fitted and the rotary engine had a European spec carb and exhaust fitted.

As you would expect, the car drives like new, too. The unique power delivery (and awesome sound) from the rotary engine is intoxicating and the chassis is agile and beautifully balanced. This is easily one of the best cars we have driven in a long time.

This truly is a timewarp condition car with an impeccable history and incalculable cool factor that is both rare and fun to drive.


Warranty included. Finance available.

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