Alfa Romeo GT Junior 2.0 Nord Engine


If we are to summarize Alfa Romeo as a brand, it’s best to say that they built sporty cars with racing history for the every man who desired them. One of the best examples of this is the Alfa Romeo GT Junior. A sporty Bertone coupe that, whether or not in GTA form, has won just about everything there is to win in motorsport.

The most beloved of all, is the early series cars. These can be recognized by the slit in the front of the hood, which quickly gave the car the nickname ‘letter box’. Or as in Italian ‘scalino’, which means step front.

The bodywork is in very good condition and although there are a few small imperfections in the paint the car presents extremely well. This is definitely a car that has been kept well and maintained over time. The panel gaps are neat and the rubbers aluminium and chrome are all in good condition.

With the Rosso paint on the outside the beautiful crema interior over black carpets sets the car off really well. This is not a freshly restored car by any means but a great place to be. The condition everywhere you look is well on par with standard of the car. The dashboard, controls and carpet coverings are all undamaged, along with the door panels and the seat covers have that patina that suits the car.

Mechanically is where this car really shines. The 1.3 litre engine has been replaced by a full fat 2.0 litre Nord engine with twin 40 Webber carburetors. Running roughly 160 bhp this car absolutely pulls like a train. The engine was rebuilt roughly 10k miles ago along with a new clutch, refreshed 1300 gearbox. Having sold this car previously, we have looked after the car for the customer and he has spent nearly €10k in maintenance over the past 5 years. An lsd is available for the car at a separate request.

An amazing car, that genuinely pulls like a train and gives you the biggest smile on your face. The sound is truly intoxicating. A fantastic basis for a GTA Evocation and an amazing basis for a fast road Alfa.


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