Temporary Closure

On behalf of everyone at Deane Motors and The Engine Block, we are so deeply saddened by the devastating fire which led to the loss of The Engine Block – the home of car culture in Ireland.


Two years ago we set out to create an all inclusive car hub for like minded enthusiasts which was the first of its kind in Ireland.


We gathered some of the best independent motoring businesses in the country and we built something to be extremely proud of. If it weren’t for those business taking a chance with us, our dream and vision would never have been fulfilled.


The most important thing is that everyone is safe and nobody was harmed.


Unfortunately, our family business has no choice but to close temporarily while we assess the extent of the damage and make plans for what the future holds.


We really want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. If it weren’t for people like yourselves, none of this would have been worth it.


If you are concerned about your vehicle, please contact info@deanemotors.ie