Ceramic Coating & PPF

Our detailers and PPF installers use

a purpose built studio and are home

to the best ceramic coating and protective

film products available in the country.

Our expertly trained detailers use only the very best Ceramic Coating products and offer a variety of packages for any vehicle.

The high-gloss ceramic coating offers a scratch, UV, thermal and chemical resistant finish that can be applied to every surface on the exterior of your car, and will keep it protected for years to come. It also has the benefit of making the car easier to keep clean.


Paint Protection Film virtually eliminates the risk of stone chips, scratches and paint damage to your car, while helping to retain its residual value.

Made from optically clear, extremely tough urethane film, a digitally-designed, bespoke template for your car will be fitted by our specially-trained installers, to achieve the protection you need for your bumpers, headlights, wings, wing mirrors and bonnet. You can even choose to have your whole car covered for total peace of mind.

We have a multitude of pre-cut patterns for thousands of makes and models and we are even able to tailor our film to rarer cars and motorbikes.

Paint Protection Film

All our PPF films come with a 5 year warranty against yellowing, cracking or lifting.

Ceramic Coating

Our nano-ceramic paint coating can be applied to offer protection for up to 3 years, or up to 5 years.